William Allegrezza

space moving towers mountains in distance gray sky tiny children in circles before leaving the ground behind in flight chestnuts scattered among benches where late workers rest in virtual forgetting of seasons traces following outward machinations science through hands transgresses cultivation the difference between one and one fades with no notice patterns in parks geese at rest under statues of mercury a skyline disappears with fog

a mexico a sunflower turns to light in mid-afternoon when swallows swing over olive fields and cars flash by on the way to a city covered with grime thrown by automobiles shipped from a steel city across the ocean where traffickers hesitate before heading further south into a land of flags and guns that leads if followed to a lake-bound city of myth through which preachers search for flocks and salvation among rocks left by angry gods who play circle games barely covered with leaves

post-totem together to for then i could not remember if you had told me or if i had released the single lie since adam ran among palm leaves wondering whether or not to name life with a word or with a jumble of words that would gather all the leaves in a pile so that they could be used to render color when nothing else could revive traces of happenstance laughter

after h.l. in water lightness visions come through maple leaves scatter among concrete rims his lasting forgiveness is of himself how does one forget traces of feet in snow sails through sun against wind a conception is not available he fades into water graves songs change traces of ships lead other coasts to abandon borders owning nothing lost among sidewalks and sap

forse gli automi hanno ragione take one end and wrap it around a disk of qualities only known through manuals left on secure tables and take the other end and let it fold out over the edge so as to leave traces in either direction

William Allegrezza: "Hiker, sailor, poet, teacher, and musician-- I live in Chicago. Currently, I am trying to finish my dissertation for a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Louisiana State University. The dissertation deals with the nature of political poetry in the Americas. Some poets who interest me are Alcaeus, Pindar, Theognis, Bertrand de Born, Leopardi, Whitman, Vallejo, Neruda, Duncan, and Bernstein. I am also interested in contemporary poetry, especially in the Language Poets. I hold a B.A. in English from the University of Dallas and a M.A. in English from LSU. I edit the e-zine moria, which publishes experimental poetry and poetics articles. My poetry has been published in small magazines in several countries and is also available in the following e-zines: Aught, A Writer's Choice, Thunder Sandwich, Alicubi, The San Francisco Salvo, poethia, canwehaveourballback?, Red Coral, Milk Magazine, Word for Word, Swirl, sidereality, xStream, The Muse Apprentice Guild, Shampoo, moria, Blue Fifth Review, Arbutus, Poetry Midwest, Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle"

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